The information contained herein is provided for reference purposes only and is not intended as a warranty or guarantee. Final determination of suitability for application is the sole responsibility of the user. These values are based on testing results from past fabric runs. Each production run varies in final results. If a certain specified value is required, please inform Inland Tarp & Liner in advance and we can provide current testing results.

If you are needing a round cover, ITL still charges for the dimensions of material requried to make the round cover. Example, a 25' round cover would requrie a 25' x 25' square piece of material to make.

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Product Overview

Inland Tarp & Liner LLC is one of the premier manufacturers of grain pile covers or tarps. We can provide you quick turnaround on large grain covers up to 6500lbs for flat or the more common conical grain pile covers in either one piece or sections that are sewed together on-site. With buying from Inland Tarp & Liner you are getting a grain cover that is produced with high quality 1.5" welds that are tested by one of our full time quality assurance technicians. Stock pile cover edges are sewn with four rows of stitching to assure a strong cover perimeter.

Grain pile covers are manufactured from a 12 Mil coated-woven polyethylene material in white/black. The grain pile covers are folded according to your needs to assure rapid deployment of the cover. A common method is to set the cover in the middle on top of the pile and roll it down the pile on opposite sides and then grab the sheets and pull them to unfold them on the pile. You specify how to make and fold the cover and we will build it to your requirements. Please dictate any special folding instructions on the cart page, other wise all stock pile covers are fan folded.

Check out our Product Applications Chart to find the right cover solution for your needs.

Stock Pile Cover - Installation Preparations

Large grain pile covers drain large quantities of rain water that must go somewhere. Be sure the floor of your storage area is higher in the center and slopes down and away from the pile area. In addition, a ventilations system with fans and generator backup is useful to draw the cover down against the grain pile during high wind conditions and for aerating the grain to maximize storage life. A 2' retaining wall built around the perimeter of the grain pile contains the grain within the designated area and provides a surface to fasten the grain tarp to.

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