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Verifying That a Duplicate Order Has Been Placed

You will receive e-mail confirmations when you place your order, and again when the order ships. When an order placement and a shipment are close together, it may be easy to mistake the e-mails for confirmations of duplicate orders. To see if you have duplicate orders, please check your list of recent orders in Your Account.

Why Do I Have a Duplicate Order?

Duplicate orders may also occur if you use the Shopping Cart. If you receive an error message or our Web site times out while your order is being submitted, it is still possible that the order went through. Please check Your Account to see if the original order appears before attempting to submit the same order again.

Canceling or Returning a Duplicate Order

Customer service will always do its best to contact you if we feel an order might be a duplicate. Sometimes we do miss these. However, you can either refuse the duplicate shipment or return it for a refund in most cases but not all.