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Changing Your Name, E-mail Address, and Password

Changing Your Name, E-mail Address, and Password

Please refer to the links below for help changing your account information.

Forgot Your Password?

Click Here To Reset Your Password.

If you've forgotten your password, click the link above. You'll be asked to provide your e-mail address, and we'll help you set a new password by sending a personalized "password reset" link to your e-mail address. Once you've created a new password, it will become active right away.


Changing Your Name, E-mail Address, and Password

Click Here To Change Your Account Settings.

If you have a new e-mail address or wish to change your password, use the link above to access the Account Settings page. You'll need to log in with your current e-mail address and password to access these settings. If you change your e-mail address, all subscriptions and communications preferences will automatically be associated with your new e-mail address.

User Validation Screens

When updating your account information, you may be asked to copy the text from a picture in a text entry box (commonly know as a "CAPTCHA"). This extra task helps prevent automated programs from accessing

When you encounter this screen, simply enter the characters displayed to continue. If you make an error, or can't read the characters on the first attempt, we'll give you another chance.

If for any reason you're unable to carry out the requested task, please contact Inland Tarp & Liner Customer Service for further assistance. You can always reach us via phone, chat, or e-mail by clicking the Contact Us link at the top of every page on the website.