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Athletic Covers Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the most common material used?

    The most common material used for high school and little league fields is our 12mil and 16mil. For college and some bigger high schools our 14oz and 18oz vinyl are used for home plate and mound covers.

  2. Can I get a logo put on the cover?

    The only material you can get a logo printed on is a vinyl. The logo will not stick to the woven PE materials very well and come off quickly. Logos are very expensive to get printed. Check with a CSR in Moses Lake to see if we can get this done before committing to get one printed.

  3. Does the cover come with spikes or sandbags?

    No. We don’t sell any spikes. These can be picked up at their local hardware. We do sell sandbag tubes which they can fill themselves. They are $0.65 a piece.

  4. Can you get a cover with a chain inserted to weight it down?

    This process is a patented process so ITL can’t provide a cover with the chain in it. We can sew the pocket and insert a rope that can be used to pull a chain through the pocket. I would sew a 3”-4” pocket and I would recommend 3/16” chain. The 3/16” chain weighs 0.21 lbs. per foot.

  5. What is the spacing for grommets in a mound or home plate cover?

    Grommets are 2’ apart.

  6. Do field covers have straps or grommets?

    Field covers have grommets every 10’ and handle straps every 15’

  7. What is the best way to handle and store a field cover?

    The easiest way to remove and install a field cover is the roll it up on a 10’ to 20’ piece of tubing at least 10” to 12” in diameter.

    When the cover is fully deployed on the field start at one side (usually home plate or center field side) and pick the cover up drag it toward the opposite side folding the cover in half. Now drag the section you just folded over back the opposite way starting an accordion fold. Make the accordion fold the same width as the tube you have to roll it on. Keep folding the cover back and forth until that half is complete.

    Now start on the other side folding it the same way on top of the other folded pile. When both sides are accordion folded start rolling the cover up on the tube toward the sideline you want it stored at. This is most likely next to first or third base.

    To deploy the cover just roll it out across the middle of the field and grasp a hold of the top covers edge and start walking toward center field or home plate (depends on how it was folded) until that half is unfolded and then get the other half of the cover and do the same until the cover is fully unfolded.

  8. Can I get the cover in any color?

    Our 12mil, 15mil and 16mil material comes with one side white and the other either black or silver. The 24mil is white/white in color. This is the only color these materials come in. Our vinyl’s come in a variety of colors.

  9. Can they be patched if a hole or rip occurs?

    Most small holes and rips can be repair using our heavy duty repair. Vinyl covers can be patched with our vinyl glue and a piece of vinyl material. Repair tape will not secure most large tears from reoccurring over an extend length of time. Please advice customer of this for tears over 3’ to 4’ in length. For added strength placing sandbags on top of repaired area will help.

  10. Your website list many standard sizes. Can I get a custom size made if I don’t see the size I need on the website?

    Yes. Since all of our covers are made in house we can make almost any size needed. Use the “athletic field template” for pricing.

  11. Can you make a box cover for my field cover when it isn’t being used?

    Yes. Our boxed covers are $16.65/ lineal foot using our vinyl material.