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We provide you a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days so long as the product is returned in "like new" condition and is a stock size item. If the product is a custom built, we will do what we can to remedy any issue that arises up to and including modifying the product to accommodate your need.

All stock size items have a 1 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Performer Hay Tarps have a pro-rated three year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship and UV damage.

New and replacement building covers also come with an extended warranty. Please contact us for the specifics on each warranty by calling 800-346-7744. We can then provide you a faxed copy.

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Bull Flex(TM) Hay Tarp

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Product Weight
This product weighs 78.00 lbs.
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Selected Color: White/Silver


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Product Description

The Bull Flex(TM) hay tarp is specifically designed for the cost-conscious customer who wants a tarp that is built tough as bull hide yet flexible enough to meet all of your covering needs. We offer it to you at about the same price as you would pay for a farm store loop style hay tarp plus we give you stronger fabric (16 mil White/Silver CWPE), stronger tie-down tabs, and a chuck wagon end that allows you to keep the Bull Flex(TM) hay tarp ends from flapping in the wind. You also get the opportunity to purchase the Super Cinch(TM) tie-down kit, and we can train you to install it correctly. You will find much more quality is built into the Bull Flex(TM) than the typical farm supply store offers.

When it comes to securing the sides of the Bull Flex(TM) hay tarp to your hay stack, this tarp has the best of two worlds! It comes with high strength 2" webbing loops at 3' spacing to tighten your tarp to the hay stack instead of traditional grommets. The webbing loops provide up to 300% more strength than grommets. The Bull Flex(TM) hay tarp also has an innovative pocket sewn the length of the tarp on both sides. This gives you the opportunity to slip a pipe into the pocket (especially on round bale stacks) and tie down the tarp in the same manner as the popular Performer(TM) Hay Tarp. The weight and strength combination of the Bull Flex(TM) averages nearly 20% greater than most competitive products. When combined with the use of our patented Super Cinch(TM) tie down system, you come up with a winning combination that beats out other grommet and loop style hay tarps.

Those customers who use the hay rely upon a hay tarp or hay barn to protect the hay they purchased until the livestock have consumed it. If hay is not protected, mold and bacteria cause spoilage of the hay. Spoiled hay fed to livestock can create health problems. Be sure and protect your hay and get maximum production from your livestock.

Tie down kits sold separately. The standard Bull Flex(TM) is normally shipped without a tie down system so you can utilize your own tie down system and pay the absolute lowest price.